Share Your Secret

The Sharing

It's 2019. "Sharing" is at an all-time high in our world.

Whether it's via social media, texting or any of the live chat platforms that exist today, most of us spend countless hours per day "sharing" something with someone in our lives.

We share good news. We share bad news.

We share joy. We share sorrow.

We share wins. We share losses.

We share when we make the big sale. We share when we lose the big sale.

We're constantly sharing.

The Secret

"Share Your Secret" is about sharing what drives you. How have you done it? What happened in your life that pushed you?

Maybe it's a new diet and exercise program you're following.

Read a good book that made a difference in your life?

Was there a seminar that impacted you more than you could have imagined?

Tell us, please, the secret to your 45-year marriage.

Whatever the secret is, we're interested in knowing about it. That's why we started "Share Your Secret".

Just one thing: Once you let the cat out of the bag, it's no longer a secret! But by sharing it with others, you might just make a difference in someone else's life.

Share YOUR Secret with us, please.

Share Your Secret

Behind the curtain

A passing thought turned into an idea.

That idea, combined with a little bit of hope, a whole lot of effort, and an unwavering desire to do something good,

it just has to work, right?

It does.

We keep it simple. We keep it real.

The results are powerful.

Share Your Secret

Drew Forrester

Sahre Your Secret

                 Tony Young

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